Meet the Team

Jason and Erin Baan

Jason and Erin met at Intervarsity Christian Fellowship during their time at the University of Guelph. They were discipled by their campus pastor, and later by a faithful Ethnos couple as they served in their local church, raised 5 kids, and worked as a dairy farmer and teacher. They entered Ethnos training in 2015, served in North Asia for two years, and have spent time on home staff in Durham.
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Terry and Rosie Banman

Terry and Rosie both grew up in Christian homes and in churches where missions was promoted. As a teen Rosie was challenged in her walk with God and was burdened for those around her. As she thought about her future career she knew that she wanted to do something that involved bringing souls to heaven. She went off to Bible school seeking direction in regards to how she could be involved in missions.
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Eunice Free

Though I trusted in the Lord as a young child, I spent years not trusting His guidance and provision for my life. This led to ungodly decisions and a life outside the fullness of His blessing. Yet He continually drew me, and, in January 2001, He got hold of the whole of me — and there has been no looking back.
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Kevin and Marti Goertzen

My name is Kevin Goertzen and my passion for ministry started when I was 15 years old. It was a volunteer at our church who helped me understand what Jesus Christ did for me, and it was through the discipleship of another volunteer that helped me make a strong connection to my faith, the church, and the ministry of the gospel.
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Bill Janzen

I grew up in a Christian home under the teaching of my dad who clearly shared the gospel with me and helped me understand that I was lost, separated from God, and that salvation is a gift of God for all who trust in what Christ accomplished through the finished work of the cross. It was at eight years of age when I surrendered my life to Christ and received Him as my personal Lord and Saviour.
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Martin and Tammy Lamb

Martin Lamb grew up on the mission field, in Papua New Guinea, with Ethnos. Since that time, God has continued to burn the passion in his heart for reaching unreached people groups.
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Dave and Judy Wright

Role: Team Leader, Writer, Editor, Curriculum Developer, Discipler/Trainer Bio:  Dave and Judy both grew up in Christian homes and in churches that believed in preaching the gospel to ALL nations, so both were well exposed to missions. But it was an Ethnos missionary with his real-life accounts of reaching the hidden peoples of the world that ignited in Dave a huge passion to reach them for Christ. Judy’s desire to grow...
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