About Establish

Establishing Believers in Christ — and Empowering Them to Make Disciples.

Establishing a strong foundation in our faith is crucial for every believer. It's not enough to simply attend church and warm the pew. We must be grounded in the truth of God's Word, equipped to build up the body of Christ, and share the Gospel with others.

That's where the Establish Disciple-Making Series, created by Ethnos Canada, comes in. This relational discipleship model uses a foundational Bible teaching method to equip us to grow in our faith and disciple others. With a multi-year journey alongside fellow believers, we can apply what we learn to everyday life situations and circumstances. The result? A network of believers built up in the truth, working in harmony with each other, and making an impact for the Kingdom. Isn't that worth our time and focus?


Norm's Story

The entire Bible is God’s message to us, but many people have only heard bits and pieces of the truth. Watch this video to hear Norm McCallum share how being taught chronologically can make a big impact on people truly becoming mature disciples of Christ.

Alfred's Story

Watch this testimony of a Metis School teacher who has grown up in a northern community of Saskatchewan and has been impacted by the Establish ministry. He tells us how his people feel insignificant and how studying scripture foundationally has transformed not only the way he sees himself, but how he uses truth to fight the new battles in his life.

Lesson Videos

These lessons have been developed for the North American church context through an ongoing partnership with both Aboriginal and wider church communities. These videos can be used for personal study or as part of a small-group disciple-making initiative. The lesson videos have accompanying PowerPoint slides (click on watch below to see the list of videos and PowerPoint slides).

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