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Aboriginal Consulting Fund

The Team relies on an Aboriginal consultant to help us meet new faces within the aboriginal community and grow the list of communities we want to have relationships with.

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Team Fund

The Team Fund is the foundation to our ministry. It allows us to continue to build and develop our ministry with Canadian church communities.

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Resource Development Fund

The fund allows us to pay for video production for teaching videos, publication of our curriculum and equipment and materials that allow us to print and test our developing materials.

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Current Needs

Prayer support for …

  1. Our Northern Ministry — safety as we travel, responsive hearts to the challenge to be disciples.

  2. Our Curriculum Development — unity in its development and its editing.

  3. Our Team Leader — sensitivity to the Lord’s direction.

  4. Our Team — quality work, protection from distraction and the enemy.

Financial Support for …

  1. Our Northern Ministry — vehicle rental, fuel and hotel costs.

  2. Curriculum Development — cover the cost of the ongoing R&D, equipment purchases, and supporting those who can’t afford the material.

  3. Video Production — 2023 will see the production of videos of 102 and Discipler’s Prep lessons.

  4. Our Team — There is a member of our team that needs more support.

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