Eunice Free

RoleWriter, Chief Editor, Curriculum Developer and Typesetter


Though I trusted in the Lord as a young child, I spent years not trusting His guidance and provision for my life. This led to ungodly decisions and a life outside the fullness of His blessing. Yet He continually drew me, and, in January 2001, He got hold of the whole of me — and there has been no looking back.

I have worked in Christian ministry as an editor and author since 2005, mostly with Everyday Publications (EPI, Port Colborne, ON), though I work remotely from northern Ontario. EPI equips missionaries and full-time workers worldwide with sound, easy-to-read biblical literature for the ongoing growth and maturation of the Church.

In 2020, I felt led through an Ethnos prayer update to offer myself to Ethnos as an editor, and I was soon welcomed onto the Establish team. Though Establish comes “wrapped in a different package” than EPI, its heart is the same, and I am now greatly blessed in having also been granted a share in this life-changing ministry.

I love that our material is established and built on the character of God and His relentless pursuit of mankind, and I love that the goal of our material is discipleship — inviting others into eternal relationship with our great God and Saviour, walking with them as they grow, and equipping them to walk alongside others. Our Lord is glorified as we allow Him to build His Church in His way.

Please pray with our team as we continue to develop this discipleship material. Pray for growing unity, discernment, clarity, and guidance. Please pray for my family — my husband Michael, our three adult children, and their families. The enemy would discourage and destroy, but — praise be to our great God — our Champion is the Victor! Might our lives and our work in Jesus’ name truly exalt and glorify Him who redeemed us to God by His own blood.

Loving God by serving others,

Eunice Free

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